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“…indispensable…It not only provides a cornucopia of practical information and cultural insight, but takes the traveler on a splendid journey through the extensive map of the Russian soul.” -Isabel Allende 784 pages


The Great White Red Alert

Winner of:  Lowell Thomas Awards for Excellence in Travel Journalism and

Travelers’ Tales Solas GOLD Awards for Best Travel Writing.


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Author/photographer of over 1,000 published pages  

MAGAZINE Articles include:

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“The Creative Haven of the Caucasus” Winner of Traveler’s Tales Solas Gold Award for Best Travel Writing, 2023
“The Cauldron of Calamities” Winner of Travelers’ Tales Solas Gold Award for Best Travel Writing, 2023
“In Search of Terra Australis” Winner of Travelers’ Tales Solas Gold Award for Best Travel Writing, 2022
“Travels in the Twilight Zone” Winner of Travelers’ Tales Solas Gold Award for Best Travel Writing, 2021
“In Search of Terra Incognita” Russian Life Magazine, 2020   
(11 pages+fotos) Winner Lowell Thomas Award for Excellence in Travel Journalism
ANTHOLOGY Magazine: One on One with Masha Nordbye. (See Articles on Masha)
“The Great Siberian Tea Road: From Mongolia to Moscow”
Russian Life Magazine  (10 pages). The Best of Russian Life: Vol. 1 History & Culture. 
Thai Airlines Inflight  Magazine- “St Petersburg: Land of Eternal Enchantments”
Russian Life: “Moldova” 
Korean Air Magazine: “St Petersburg, Russia: Babylon of the Snows”
Passport Magazine: “The Russian Circus”
The World and I Magazine: “In Search of Magic & Mystery in Tibet”  
Cathay Pacific Inflight  Magazine: “Moscow’s Culinary Revolution”  
Marco Polo Club Magazine: “Twelve Things You Did Not Know About Russia”
Hi-Def Magazine: “Taking Hi-Definition to Greater Depths”
Russian Life Magazine- “The Magical World of the Russian Circus”
FINNAIR’s Blue Wings: “Thrills & Spills of Russia’s Big Top”  
TWA’s Ambassador: “Tales from the Deep Freeze” (Alaska)
Korean Air’s Morning Calm (4): “Sumptuous St Petersburg,” “Moscow”,” “Sharks: A Job to Die For,” “The Russian Circus.”
China Airline’s Dynasty: “The Navajo Nation”Walking: “
The Grandest Canyon: Copper Canyon, Mexico
“SPUR: “The Wild Bunch: Testing Oneself in the Canadian Rockies”
Audubon Magazine
Departures Magazine
Escape Magazine Friends Magazine
German GEO Magazine
Los Angeles Times Magazine
Museum & Arts Magazine
Soviet Pravda
Smithsonian Magazine
The World & I Magazine: the following:
“In Search of Magic & Mystery in Tibet”
“St Petersburg 300th Jubilee”
“Panama: The Magical Meeting Place of the Americas”
“Marco Polo’s Silk Route” (15 pages)
“Bhutan: The Last Shangri-La” (20 pages)” (Winner of Lowell Thomas Award)
“Into a Lost World: The Mergui Archipelago” (10 pages)
“The Jewel in the Sierre Madre: Copper Canyon, Mexico”
“Antwerp: A Cultural Capital”
“The Majestic Land of Patagonia”
“Loving Chinese Snuff Boxes”