Masha has been flying on the trapeze for over 20 years. She''s flown on rigs from Macau to Paris and  Mexico to Moscow, and continues to take lessons in Los Angeles with Ritchie Gaona,  a 3rd-generation circus master.
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A FILM of MASHA FLYING on the Trapeze!

Masha Practicing Her Double Trapeze Act!
TRAPEZE: Different Trick Returns from the Catcher

Masha Nordbye Trapeze
On the Trapeze in Macao, China

Split Return from Catcher



Photo by Corina Gamma
Masha Nordbye Trapeze catchMasha Nordbye Trapeze
 Photo by Richie Gaona



Filming/Diving PAPUA, NEW GUINEA      Filmed & Edited by Masha

Diving with Caribbean Reef Sharks

Diving with Caribbean Reef Sharks

Diving in Sulawesi, Indonesia
Diving in Sulawesi, Indonesia
with the world''s most venomous sea creatures!

Masha has dived in many exotic locations--from AUSTRALIA TO ZANZIBAR--that include: the Mergui Archipelago, Burma (Myanmar); Thailand; Truk Lagoon (on wrecks down to 185 feet), Micronesia; Fiji; French Polynesia; Okinawa, Japan; the South China Sea; Australia's Great Barrier Reef; Hawaii; the Revillagigedo Archipelago & Sea of Cortez, Mexico; Middle East: the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Egypt; Central America--Belize, Guatemala & Honduras; the Caribbean incl: Bahamas & Bermuda; South Africa, and Zanzibar, off the eastern coast of Africa. Masha has also participated in dive expeditions to Indonesia's remote Lembeh Straits region of northeastern Sulawesi, and Bali & Komodo Islands;  and Papua, New Guinea to film the world''s most venomous sea creatures.  She is PADI, Nitrox and Dry Suit certified.

Masha has been working with renowned cinematographer, Tom Campbell, producing documentaries on the marine environment since 2000.  To view projects and footage of their underwater locations, see also
Diving in Mexico's fresh-water Cenotes

Cold Water Dry Suit Diving, California                                                                                         ON THE TRAPEZECalifornia ON THE TRAPEZE
Cold Water Dry Suit Diving